Underchief Mire – Minion Croak Solo (metal/resin)

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Among the war-embattled croaks driven to western Immoren, being a leader can be a burden. Underchief Mire competes with his oversized brother to earn the right to succeed their father, the aging chief of their displaced tribe. In this contest, Mire has a unique advantage, having formed mystical bonds with beasts of the marshes, including several fetid swamp trolls. Caustic mists rise at Mire’s command to melt the flesh from his foes, and the croak warlock can walk unharmed amid these vapors, hiding from sight before retaliating. He has earned a place of respect among the wilderness peoples for his cunning and his courage, staying neutral in their conflicts. TRADE POINTS: Underchief Mire is a croak lesser warlock who can be included in almost any HORDES army. He can control any minion gatorman warbeast or the froglike Swamp Troll. In addition to bringing a warbeast, Mire has spells many armies will find useful. With Caustic Mist, he can place a cloud to block an enemy’s line of sight that will also damage any models entering it. Weald Secrets gives friendly minion models the ability to see and move through forests, making Mire a great addition to a Blindwater Congregation force.

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