Tsukuyumi - After the Moonfall Erweiterung (english)

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Expansion - only playable with the base game TSUKUYUMI - FULL MOON DOWN
Language: english

TSUKUYUMI - AFTER THE MOONFALL is an expansion for the strategy game TSUKUYUMI - FULL MOON DOWN, with which up to six players can choose from three additional new factions and take on each other in battle. Additionally, you will find two new area types as well as seven new add-ons to add variety to the game: Epic Events, Oni Missions, Starting Advantages, Oni Power Cards and Alternative Goals, Faction Events and Mascots for all eight factions.

This Expansion contains the Factions: Lords of the Lost Sea, Fireborn and Children of the Lion.

- 1 Codex
- 3 Faction Sheets
- 1 Overview Sheet
- 61 Standees
- 61 Plastic Feet
- 100 Playing Cards
- 17 Area Tiles
- 111 Markers

Kooperation: gegeneinander
Spieleranzahl: 3 4 5 6
Spieldauer: lang
Genre: Science Fiction
Spieltyp: Strategiespiel

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