Toro/Suppressor/Vindicator ? Golden Crucible Heavy Warjacks (plastic)

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Crucible Arms has taken over the production of the Ordic Toro chassis, an aggressive workhorse heavy warjack armed with sword and shield that has fought with the Ordic Army for decades. As a part of the Crucible?s agreements with Ord?s king, Crucible Arms now produces Toros in number, as well as variants outfitted with proprietary weapons better suited to the methods by which these alchemists wage war. The Suppressor fields versatile pyrodraulic jets capable of burning, freezing, or rusting adversaries. The multipurpose Vindicator can fight with its heavy maul or fire its compression cannon at range to unleash tactically useful entropic and psychoactive substances. TRADE POINTS: Each of the heavy warjacks in this kit offers something unique to Crucible Guard armies, and the Toro can also be fielded with most Mercenary warcasters. The Vindicator is the primary ranged weapon heavy ?jack for the Crucible Guard, making it valuable in any army. The Suppressor is primarily a support warjack, especially helping infantry like the Crucible Guard Rocketmen (PIP 37013) hit harder or more accurately. When fielding the Toro in a Mercenary army, it goes well in a battlegroup led by Magnus the Warlord (PIP 41033)

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