Superkleber dickflüssig 20 Gramm

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High quality superglues, available in three grades.

PENETRATING (THIN): This is a very thin grade of superglue, used to run into joints or cracks after the parts have been assembled.

MULTI-PURPOSE (MEDIUM): For general use - can be used for sticking plastics, metal, porcelain, fine china, ceramics, jewellery and model making.

HIGH VISCOSITY (THICK): This is an extra thick superglue for bonding parts with large gaps or porous surfaces.
Try using this thick grade with an activator to quickly set it into a thick bead to fill large gaps. Simply apply a bead over the gap, spray the activator over the adhesive and wait a few moments. The superglue will set and create a plastic bead which will fill gaps and bond across joints.

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