Northern European Themed Battlefield Set

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World War II, being a truly global conflict, saw battles raging across all manner of terrain, and much of it started and ended in the fields and hedgerows of Northern Europe. Soldiers there would use every scrap of wall, hedge, or other abundant foliage to keep hidden or protected from the firepower wielded by all sides.

This great battlefield theming set allows you to recreate those battlefields and add extra atmosphere to your games. The contents of this set are also ideal for basing your models and dioramas – for WWII and other periods of history.

The Northern European Battlefield Theme Set contains enough material to cover approximately a 2' x 2' board:

2mm Spring Basing Static Grass
2mm North European Static Grass
Fine Stone Wall Debris
Medium Stone Wall Debris
Pathway Scatter
Summer Dark Green Lichen
Spring LIght Green Lichen
Autumn Brown Lichen
Two Straight Wall Sections
4 Wall columns
4 Battle-damaged Wall Sections
2 Wall columns

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