Gorman the Mad ? Riot Quest Rogue (metal) Blister

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Kategorie: Riot Quest

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A classic case of what happens when someone gets too into their work, Gorman the Mad hasn?t just taken things too far?he?s taken them beyond the point of getting them back. With his alchemical cannon full of corrosive ooze, no looter?s Riot Gear is safe when Gorman goes off the deep end in battle.

TRADE POINTS: Gorman is a Rogue class hero with strong defensive and disruption abilities. With his Cloak ability, Gorman cannot be targeted by ranged attacks farther than a couple of spaces away from him, which helps him survive unscathed in many situations. His alchemical cannon has the Strip ability, which destroys any Gear cards on the target he hits, a unique and powerful ability that lets Gorman keep his enemies in check.

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