Crucible Guard Rocketmen & CA Golden Crucible Unit (14) (metal/resin)

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Squads of Crucible Guard rocketmen streak across the skies, giving the Crucible Guard an edge against a more numerous foe. Rocketmen assault the flanks of an opposing force, picking off strategic targets with their carbines or dropping devastating gravity bombs into packed enemy formations. Able to fly over traditional defenses, rocketmen squads are tactically versatile soldiers unlike anything before seen in the modern militaries of the Iron Kingdoms. TRADE POINTS: The Crucible Guard Rocketmen are the mobile response squad for their Faction. They excel at getting to where they are needed most when they most need to be there. When dealing with threats close to your own lines, the Suppressor Heavy Warjack (PIP 37011) can support this unit well. When going after targets across the battlefield, the range of the Dragon’s Breath Rocket (PIP 37020) allows it to support the rocketmen as they streak far behind enemy lines.

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