Blood Bowl Ogre Team Card Pack (englisch)

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- Full set of reference cards for your Ogre team
- Includes blank cards for all 3 Ogre positions
- Stay organized and speed up your games

Bitte beachte, dass es sich um ein Produkt in englischer Sprache handelt.

Ogres are not subtle, but that doesn´t mean you don't need a reference for all their special rules, stats and Star Players. This essential deck of 44 cards helps you make the most of your team, ensuring you never forget something in the heat of the game.

- Reference cards for Ogres, Runt Punters and Gnoblars
- Reference cards for legendary Star Players like Morg ´n´ Thorg, the one and only Bob Bifford, Bomber Dribblesnot, Nobbla Blackwort
- Blank cards to create your own players
- 1 team roster card, with a match record on the reverse
- 4 Inducement cards: Slave Giant, Firebelly, Riotous Rookies, Bottles of Heady Brew
- 4 Heroic Feats cards: Remember my Name, Like a Bull on the Gridiron, Ogre-Achiever, and Hungry for Maw
- 4 Miscellaneous Mayhem cards: Medi-Ogre, Circling Vultures, No Guts, No Glory, and Your Maw is So Big
- The all-important card explaining how to use the cards, with a red card on the reverse

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