Battle of the Bulge

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The 12 scenarios are overflowing with detail and cover actions that were happening just prior to and after the more famous 'Bulge' battles:

Scenario 1: Retreat Through the Mons Pocket The Aftermath
Scenario 2: The Battle of Hürtgen Forest
Scenario 3: The Battle of St Vith
Scenario 4: The Battle of Elsenborn Ridge - featuring Grenadier Radfahrzug Squad
Scenario 5: Kampfgruppe Peiper
Scenario 6: The Siege of Bastogne
Scenario 7: Operation Greif - featuring Panzerbrigade 150 Reinforced Platoon
Scenario 8: The Battle of Foy - featuring First Lieutenant Ronald Speirs
Scenario 9: Bandit Country
Scenario 10: Fogged Out
Scenario 11: Defend The Bridge
Scenario 12: The Colmar Pocket
As you might expect when you're fighting battles in these extreme conditions the should be a few special rules included and of course we're happy to oblige with some familiar and some new to this campaign supplement such as:

Dug In - Foxholes, Trenches & Gun Pits
Chaos in Reserves
Fuel Shortages
Battle of the Bulge really packs a punch looking at a huge amount of units, key commanders get special mentions throughout the book, plus new rules and Bolt Action entries for many

Just some of those mentioned include:

Rifle Grenade Adaptors
Intelligence Officers
US Intelligence & Reconnaissance Platoon
9th Troop Carrier Command Pathfinders
326th Airborne Engineer Machine Gunners
333rd Field Artillery Battalion
First Lieutenant Jesse L Morrow of the 1st Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
Grenadier Radfahrzug Squads
Sergeant José Mendoza López
Feldgendarmerie Squad
US Army Military Police Corps Squad
kampfgruppe Peiper Reinforced Platoon list
SS-Sturmbannführer Joachim Peiper & Peiper’s Panther
British Intelligence Section
Corps of Military Police Section

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