All Hands on Deck - english version

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20 minutes
age 10+
2-6 players

King Racoon / Felix Mertikat
english version

Haven´t you Always wanted to be a pirates´captain, master of a bunch of wild figures, and sail the Seven Seas? Here´s your Chance to prove you´ve got what it takes to be a really great freebooter: intelligence, cunning, a quick wit and e keen eye. Then you will be able to pick out the best men from among the applications to form a ship´s Crew you can rely on. But beware of your competitors: they will try hard to lure away members of your crw, and steal your treasures.


100 Playing Cards
6 Score Sheets
1 Rule Sheet

Kooperation: gegeneinander
Genre: Comedy
Spieldauer: kurz
Spieleranzahl: 2 3 4 5 6
Spieltyp: Familienspiel

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