The Farmer?s Guild: Old Father's Harvest + PreOrder Miniature Millstone

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?Thresher? A true legend walks amongst us these days, lit gold in the light of the setting sun. Whether they?re with him or against him, all anyone can do is watch on and admire him.?                                                                                                         ? Theron, Hunter?s Guild

A proud man from an age when tradition and respect held sway over greed and pride, Thresher is an experienced veteran who chose loyalty to his teammates over his own fame and glory.
The Old Father is the fiercely protective leader of his Guild and his teammates are more akin to family than players on a team. Each of them loyal to their core, Thresher?s team will cut down anyone who seeks to harm them like wheat ready for harvest. Coaches will love how many tricks and unexpected attacks they have with this team, to really keep their foes guessing. 

Grow together, win together, Practical coaches looking for a non-nonsense, gritty team will enjoy playing the Farmers Guild.

6 Players: Thresher, Buckwheat, Fallow, Millstone, Ploughman, Tate
6 Player Cards
Goal Token
3D Terrain Piece
Health Dial

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